Screw Conveyors

U Trough Conveyor
Tube Conveyor
Coreless Conveyor
Here are some typical samples from recent projects.
MSC experience extends over 30 years:
  • Sugar – blenders, screw conveyors and feeders.
  • Milk Powder – conveying/mixing screws.
  • Cheese – screw conveyors.
  • Wood Chips and Wood Waste – screw conveyors and feeders, live bottom bins, stock pile slingers, ship loading systems.
  • Wood Pulp (for paper) – screw conveyors.
  • Super phosphate and other fertilizers – screw conveyors and feeders, bucket elevators, diverters, coating plant.
  • Animal Feeds – conditioners, screw conveyors and feeders, pellet mills and coolers, agitators, bucket elevators, whole of mechanical plant.
  • Salt and Salt Cake – screw conveyors and feeders, bucket elevators, diverters.
  • Meat and vacuum packed foods – screw conveyors, vacuum packed food chiller screws.
  • Meat Processing (fresh offal handling) – conveying and vertical lift screws.
  • Processed Foods (e.g.. Muesli Bar Mix) – heated ribbon mixers.
  • Rendering, Meat Meal and Bone – conveying and vertical lift screws.
  • Juice Extraction from Plant Materials – screw presses, conditioners, complete truck trailer mobile units.
  • Gypsum – screw conveyors and feeders.
  • Cement – screw conveyors and feeders.
  • Limestone (ground) – screw conveyors and feeders, bucket elevators, diverters, slide gates.
  • Zeolite – screw conveyors and feeders.
  • Copper Oxide – screw feeder. Sewage – screw presses and screw conveyors
  • Coal – screw conveyors, bucket elevators, slingers for stock piles.
  • Harbour Dredgings – process and mechanical plant supply for cement mixing/stabilization, barge mounted plant.
  • Ice Flakes – screw conveyors and slide gates.
  • Flour – screw conveyors, drag chain conveyors.
  • Melter Feed (steelworks) – water cooled auger.
  • Quarries – screw conveyors.
Rotor Lift
Bin Discharger
Live Bottom Bin
General List of Conveyors:

Screw conveyors, key hole conveyors, coreless screw conveyors, paddle conveyors, bin feeders, belt conveyors, ship loaders, vertical conveyors (rotor lifts), variable pitch screw conveyors, tube conveyors, twin shaft conveyors, double flighted conveyors, ribbon conveyors, chiller conveyors.

Vacuum packed food chiller screws
Feeder Screw with Variable Pitch Flighting
Batch of Pre-assembled Conveyors