Bucket Elevators

Mount Steelcraft Engineering bucket elevators feature a special shape of elevating bucket that operates in combination with an elevator head to discharge centrifugally without the pulsing normally associated with bucket elevators.
The Elevator Head
Design Features:The curvature of the elevator head casing works in conjunction with the Starco elevator bucket to give a smooth, even discharge of product material.
The Starco Elevator Bucket
Design Features: Angle of buckets on elevator belt ensures complete bucket filling. Bucket shape allows for more buckets per lineal metre of elevator belt. Manufactured in Steel, Galvanized, Pressed Steel, Plastic – HDP.
Complete Elevators or Package Kits Available
Starco buckets and MSC Engineering elevators are available in a wide range of sizes, either as a complete elevator or a kites. The basic kit comprises the elevator head and boot and a set of Starco buckets. Optional equipment includes legging, belting, bolts and joiners, drive components and a head access platform. Standard elevators are manufactured in mild steel, painted or galvanized, and in stainless steel.
Upgrade Your Existing Elevator
Many existing elevators may be increased in capacity by up to 100% using MSC elevator heads and Starco buckets.