Jet Slingers

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Engineering Ltd are specialists in the design & manufacture of Conveyor Systems and Jet Slingers for Ship Loading and Stockpiling
When there is a mountain of woodchips or any other granular type material to be shifted – MSC Engineering has the solution for fast, efficient ship loading or stockpiling. MSC Engineering has developed and now manufactures three basic frame sizes of Slinger to cater for every situation. The MSC Jet Slingers have been proven to stand up to rigorous operation, and are capable of moving product from 400 tonnes per hour to 1000 tonnes per hour.
Design Features Include
  • 359 degree rotation.
  • Angles from 35 degrees above to 25 degrees
  • below horizontal.
  • Loads & Compacts simultaneously.
  • Shifts woodchip, grain, coal, fertilizer, etc.
  • Adjustable compaction for fragile product.
  • Capable of throwing product in excess of 21 metres.
  • Bypass gate standard on all models.