Auger & Flighting

Discover Tailored Flights and Augers by MSC Engineering:

At MSC Engineering, we specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality Flights and Augers to meet your specific industry needs. Our team of experts combines technical expertise with innovative solutions to deliver superior results. Whether you require Flights and Augers for agriculture, food processing, mining, wastewater treatment, or chemical and pharmaceutical applications, we have the knowledge and experience to provide customised solutions. 

Auger Flights are commonly used for handling materials like grain, food products, animal feed, and various powders. They are also employed in applications such as wastewater treatment, mining, and agriculture.

The design of the Auger Flights can vary based on the material being transported and the specific requirements of the application. The pitch, diameter, and shape of the flights can be customised to optimise the conveying process.

Overall, Auger Flights are efficient and reliable mechanisms for material handling, making them widely used in different industries where continuous transportation of bulk dosing materials is needed.

Applications of Flights and Augers:

Flights and Augers have become indispensable in various industries, offering versatile and efficient solutions for material handling and processing. Explore the diverse applications where Flights and Augers excel:

Agriculture: Flights and Augers are essential in agriculture, facilitating tasks like grain and seed handling, fertiliser distribution, and soil sampling. Our customised designs ensure seamless operations for your agricultural needs.

Food Processing: In the food processing industry, Flights and Augers play a vital role in conveying bulk ingredients, mixing dough, and transferring products at different production stages. Our precise and reliable solutions enhance efficiency in food processing operations.

Mining and Construction: Flights and Augers are invaluable for mining and construction applications, enabling drilling, soil sampling, and the transport of materials like coal, sand, and gravel. We offer durable and rugged designs to meet the demanding requirements of these industries.

Wastewater Treatment: Flights and Augers are critical in wastewater treatment plants, efficiently removing solids, dewatering sludge, and transporting sewage. Our tailored solutions ensure optimal performance and compliance with environmental standards.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical: The chemical and pharmaceutical industries rely on Flights and Augers for precise ingredient dosing, blending, and granulation processes. Our customizable designs meet the stringent requirements of these industries.

Coreless fighting: our coreless flighting technology revolutionises traditional Augers by eliminating the central shaft, providing increased durability, smoother material flow, and higher throughput. With decades of expertise and a commitment to quality, we customise our augers to suit your specific needs, ensuring unmatched reliability and customer satisfaction.

Rendering Augers and wood chip Augers: are? specialised equipment used in the rendering and wood processing industries, respectively. Rendering Augers transport animal by-products through the rendering process, converting them into useful materials. Wood Chip Augers facilitate the movement of wood chips, commonly used as fuel or raw material, in biomass boilers and wood-based product manufacturing. Both Augers feature helical screw blades wrapped around a central shaft, ensuring efficient and continuous material flow. Additionally, conveyors play a vital role in material handling, offering benefits such as increased automation, enhanced efficiency, and reduced manual labour in various industries.

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