Mount Steelcraft Engineering Ltd are specialists in the design & manufacture of Jet Slingers for Ship Loading and Stockpiling.

Whether businesses need to quickly stockpile a mountain of woodchips, or load a ship full of corn, mulch, coal, grain, or any other bulk aggregate materials, MSC Engineering’s Jet Slinger makes the process easy.

MSC Engineering has developed and manufactured three basic Slinger frame sizes to cater to any manner of ship loading or stockpiling task. When combined with a conveyor system, the Jet Slinger makes light work of any and all stockpiling tasks, quickly and easily loading onto ships, vessels, and barges in port.

Whatever the task at hand, the MSC Jet Slinger has been proven to stand up to rigorous operation. It’s capable of moving, stockpiling, and ship loading between 400 and 1,000 tonnes of coal, wood chips, and other aggregate materials per hour (or more, depending on the density).

Businesses that put the Jet Slinger to work on their next stockpiling or vessel loading task can effectively minimise on-site labour, maximise production, and do more in less time. It’s that simple.

Jet slinger design features Include:

  • 359 degree rotation.
  • Trim angles from 35 degrees above to 25 degrees below horizontal.
  • The ability to Ship Load & Compacts simultaneously.
  • The ability to move, load, and stockpile wood chips, mulch, corn, gravel, stones, sand, grain, coal, fertiliser, etc.
  • Adjustable compaction for fragile product.
  • The capability of throwing product in excess of 21 metres.
  • By-pass free-fall gate standard on all models.

Slinger in operation Overview of conveyor Transfer conveyor from reclaim Transfer conveyor from reclaim to jetty Overview of jetty conveyor to ship loader Transfer conveyor on jetty						Jetty conveyor to ship loader near ship Nightime loading ready to commence Slinger in operation closeup Slinger operator with remote control unit Slinger in operation
Overview of jetty conveyor to ship loader


“Mount Steelcraft Engineering were pioneers in developing the early Jet Slingers, so they know the solutions to the problems other slinger manufacturers are still trying to solve. If something goes wrong, they are quick to sort it for you. They are reliable.”

Murray Smith, former manager, Wood Export Limited

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Ship Loading & Stockpiling Bulk Materials With The Jet Slinger

Wood Chips

As one of the few aggregate materials requiring custom transportation vessels, businesses need an agile solution that allows them to quickly and easily load wood chips into these ships more than any other material. From the reclaim, to the jetty, to loading into the ship containers, MSC Engineering’s Jet Slinger enables the strategic movement, vessel loading and stockpiling of wood chips, and fast!

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Stockpiling and ship loading coal remains an arduous task, even for businesses with a long track record of dealing with one of the world’s most sought after commodities. MSC Engineering’s Coal Jet Slinger makes light work of any and all coal stockpiling or vessel loading tasks, moving more coal in less time and in the process creating a safer, more efficient environment for businesses and operators alike.

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Businesses in search of a more efficient, effective way to stockpile and load corn, wheat, and other grains onto ships need look to further than MSC Engineering’s Grain Jet Slinger. Capable of creating taller, wider, more efficient grain stockpiles, the Jet Slinger offers higher grain handling speeds, flexibility, and productivity.

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Jet Slinger Diagram

Jet Slinger Diagram

Vessel Loading & Stock Piling with the Jet Slinger

Mount Steelcraft Engineering Ltd are specialists in the design & manufacture of Conveyor Systems and Jet Slingers for Ship Loading and Stockpiling

An earlier model Jet Slinger in action throwing out woodchips to create a new stockpile